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Elastyczny Postep - OPV solar cells

Elastyczny Postep - OPV solar cells

FM <> / 2012-01-21 13:31:30

A solar cell that folds like a road map

NRC’s solar cells are made of thin layers of an organic plastic. These
lightweight, flexible layers can be “painted” or “printed” onto a
thicker plastic backing layer — like an overhead projector
transparency — that can be rolled or folded like tough, light,
portable road maps. [See: Shaped to fit: flexible solar cells]

Due to their mechanical flexibility, OPV solar cells can make
electricity when spread over irregular shapes such as briefcases,
backpacks, military equipment, tents, store awnings — even entire
buildings. They can also form a dual-purpose semi-transparent window
coating that may be tinted any colour, producing power while creating
an interior mood and/or exterior pattern. NRC’s industrial partner,
Konarka Inc., already markets some flexible solar cell products.
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