Pożegnanie Darka Perenca

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MRC <m...@gmail.com> / 2015-08-17 23:05:25
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MRC <m...@gmail.com> / 2015-08-18 08:24:36
Piotr prawidłową lokalizację cmentarza określiłem???
https://mapa.targeo.pl/Cmentarz,18,19.4802177,51.8531345?l=ed0720c1706 552e6

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flypiotrek <g...@cyberia.pl> / 2015-08-18 19:20:53
Na prośbę DonAlana przekazuję:

Dear mr./mrs.

We, Annet and me, are so sorry to read that Dariusz recently passed away
in a hangglidingaccident.

We're from Holland and organizers of the Dutch Open Hanggliding Comps.
A few weeks ago Dariusz joined our comp in Italy. It was not the first
time we met him.
As a competition leader, I had frequently contact with him during the
He was always friendly and in a good mood.
His dead is a great loss. For relatives, family, friends, all the people
who knew him, and for the Polish hangglider community.
It is hard to realize never have Dariusz with us again.
I have no words to discribe our intense feelings about this loss for all
who knew Dariusz.
We will remember him as a very pleasant guy.
May he be forever flying and rest in peace.

Harm Darwinkel and
Annet Vieregge

Please, feel free to forward this letter to all who are involved!


Re: Pożegnanie Darka Perenca

s...@gmail.com / 2015-08-18 19:43:52
W dniu wtorek, 18 sierpnia 2015 19:20:54 UTC+2 użytkownik flypiotrek napisał:
> Na prośbę DonAlana przekazuję:
A DonAlan i Alan Don to ta sama osoba?
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