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BLIRT S.A. (DNA Gdańsk)

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BLIRT S.A. (DNA Gdańsk)

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BLIRT(Biolab Innovative Research Technologies) is a company that offers  life science services in scope of  biotechnology, microbiology, chemical synthesis and analytics and conducts its own R&D projects.  The company was established  in September 2008.

DNA-Gdansk division was formed as a result of an incorporation of the DNA-Gdansk Ltd., a company with a 16-year experience in providing solutions and tools for medical and molecular biology. The fusion took place in September 2010 and the DNA-Gdansk brand was maintained. DNA-Gdansk is one of the first biotechnological companies in Poland with self-developed methods in a  microorganism?s genotyping field .It  also has a  number one experts in  genetic engineering and molecular diagnostics.

DNA-Gdansk is the national leader in  production of the PCR diagnostic kits and  educational kits for  genetic engineering, molecular diagnostics and microbiology classes. In  DNA-Gdansk Division we use our own research solutions as well as specially modified ones. We also apply commonly used methods and techniques that are adapted to a particular case.

DNA-Gdansk Division offers:

  • wide range of  molecular biology products (house-products and distribution)
  • molecular diagnostics and genetic engineering training courses
  • production of  educational kits for  laboratory classes at  universities
  • specialist services in genetic engineering and molecular diagnostics
  • microbiological services (determination of compound mutagenicity and antibiotic activity of materials etc.)